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ULTRYX DESIGN GROUP offers affordable residential design services. Our team of talented designers will ask the right questions to ensure we do not miss a detail in your dream home. Combine this with our years of experience working with contractors and owner-builders, you can rest assured that we provide a seamless design process – start to finish.

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Technical Support

Call ULTRYX Technical Services and you will be instantly connected to a real person who can explain solutions in ways you can understand. Our dedicated computer specialists have the expertise you need to solve your computer problems. Let our experts take care of your technical issues, from computers to software, hardware, and networking.

Privacy & Security Maintenance
Backups Virus Removal
Parental Controls Popup Blocking
Network Setup/Mangement Data & Password Recovery
Computer Upgrades Software Install/Upgrades
New Computer Builds Troubleshooting Tips

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Sound by ULTRYX

Sound by ULTRYX allows events to come alive with the perfect AV equipment for any occasion. Speak with our sound professionals for sound consulting to help find exactly what you need! Not only do we lease our equipment but ULTRYX will also setup your event for you.
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